In many ways, those struggle days, Performed for love, no thought of pays.
The youthful truth. Naïveté. Through sands of time all fades away.
Fond memories, still shimmering. Still nothing gold can ever stay.
From cauldron’s boil, to simmering. We live to fight another day.

“None Shall Pass”

Perfection like this is in no way random.

“Back to the Front” James Hetfield (Metallica)

Life goes in circles. Or perhaps, ellipses. Actually the Fibonacci Sequence. Yes. This mathematically perfect repeated pattern that is known by many as the Signature of God Himself.
Hurtling headlong through this plane of existence; I face infinity without flinching.

The wise among us over-stand this life is truly all about the journey.
As the final destination for every single person, place or thing in this temporal realm of third dimensional time-space are the dark voids of death and decay. None shall escape this fate.
“None Shall Pass!” – Aesop Rock

But until it is my time to cash in the chips and exit stage left, I shall seek to live a life hallmarked by progress. Wherein the cyclical pattern of repetitive stops and starts resembles that perfect spiral. Likened unto the shell of the Nautilus.
Divinely designed. Always radiating outward. Each new cycle of the sequence begins next to, but never in and onto the exact same location within time-space it began.

This is in opposition to a perfect circle. Which could be likened unto the rhythmic structure of an “Indian Raga.” Whereby the last beat of the phrase is also the first beat of the next.
A life lived this way never radiates outward. As the completion of a cycle sees the finish-line of the previous stage in life falling in the exact same location as the starting-line of the subsequent stage in life. This is to be “stuck in a rut.
Not for me. So with that said….

“It seems I’ve come full circle”

I begin again. Back to the front. Starting a brand new vinyl pressing record label. This time alone. No partners or colleagues to share the burdens (nor the spoils). Undistracted by the DJ bookings “rat-race” that always diminishes the quality of the work. I feel no need to “release new music to maintain a consistently filled bookings diary.” No pressure to stay relevant.
And no co-dependent love relationships with a “B Cluster (Borderline Personality) Disorder” human who regularly felt the compulsion to “destroy me.” Their exact words. Trust!
This time around I am only feeling the desire (and need) to contribute.

I entered this hobby turned profession “flying by the seat of my pants.” With my previous record labels, there was never any kind of plan. No structure. And no clear vision with regard as to how I would have my beloved “babies” be anything other than time-wasting “money-pits.” My previous approach(es) are likened unto that “Raga.” Stuck in a rut. Treading the same circular path and making the same mistakes that would bring me (or anyone) to a finish-line that sits in the exact same location as that from which I first embarked. The last note of one the previous phrase is the first of the next. But this time it is different. (Thank God!)

Below are a few photos of Building 7 Blgd7 001 The “Techno Mafia EP”
They were sent to me by Andre Kroenert. C.E.O. of Matter of Fact Record Pressing and Distribution in an email informing me that the record would be shipping to stores within a week or two. Perhaps sooner. Let it be known off-top: without Andre’s kindness, generosity, and true faith in me as an artist and human being; Building 7 would never have become the reality it now is. Simple and plain.
We shall leave it at that. If you’re reading this, “Vielen Dank Bruder Andre.”

“The Same. But Different”

It would indeed appear that each and every one of the records that comprises what is an extremely limited press of this; the absolute first of what I hope shall be many “Building 7” EPs: Are all uniquely “one of a kind.” And although similar, not one is the exact same.
Neither am I.
No longer am I that same unrefined raw talent. The gravely naïve, developmentally arrested DJ/Producer and directionless record label owner. Through great personal struggle, coupled with the will and need to constantly “transcend myself.” I’ve now arrived at what is both the end and the beginning.

Dying unto myself in order to be reborn. Likened unto The Phoenix rising out of the smoldering ashes of a funeral pyre ignited by its own spontaneous combustion.
Or the Chrysalis of a butterfly. And thus, “radiating outward” within the cyclical ellipse of this journey we call life. All in complete view of, as well as under the total scrutiny of “the public eye.” For all to see. For better or for worse.
In the past, the ratio was skewed toward worse. But moving forward, as I die to self daily.
I find myself much more in alignment with that of the “natural order” of the mathematically perfect third-dimensional world. This is unequivocally for the better.

As Above. So Below.
In this world, a thing is, and also it shall be. Therefore in “the lands beyond” our temporal
over-standing (i.e. the vast and infinite “great unknown” also called “the universe”)
a thing is, and also shall be.
Support the Underground. The unsung heroes. Those with “skin in the game.” Those who give orders of magnitude more than they shall ever receive in return. As your true love and support is their base currency. Never is (nor was) it financial wealth, “clout” (status), or fame.
It is gauged only by their truly earned, and undeniable “Street Cred(ability).”
In the end, this is all we’re left with. The self respect of knowing full well, that we were
“in it for the right reasons.”
Self respect fully in tact. A life with “No Regrets
You know?

3 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle

  1. Inspiring words Amir. I look forward to this new period in your artistry. You are a true inspiration to me and many others!

  2. Thank you brother for sharing your well articulated thoughts.It has always been fascinating to me to learn more about the artist that one admires. Blessings!

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